When you hear that question, ‘will you marry me?’ The only thing on your mind is probably the future that you and your special someone are going to have together. Maybe the brief flash of chubby-cherub babies and the perfect house flashes through your mind’s eye.

It’s not until you begin to plan the wedding, that some hiccups occur. Remember that even though it’s the most special day of your life, a wedding is about making a commitment to the person you love and want to spend the rest of your life with. That means that even though these decisions feel like the end of the world, eventually, the planning stages will be over. Perhaps, you’ve had it relatively easy so far or maybe your family is calling all the shots. Either way, making decisions about your wedding can cause strain on you, your relationship, and even your family. From choosing a wedding dress to deciding on the wedding venue, it can be overwhelming to make these decisions about your special day. For this reason, our blog is meant to help you make these decisions by breaking them down. For example, you may be wondering about whether you want an indoor or an outdoor wedding in Hialeah. If you have any questions about our venue, then please don’t hesitate to reach out to Royal Palace Ballrooms.

The Benefits Of Choosing An Indoor Wedding Reception

So what are the benefits of choosing an indoor wedding reception? Well, we have a few benefits you can choose from to determine if an indoor wedding reception is in your future. These benefits will detail why an indoor wedding reception can be a better idea.

Rain Is Not Always Great On Your Wedding Day

Rain on your wedding day is said to be good luck, but that doesn’t make up for the ruined clothes, hair, and decorations you spent hours slaving over. While it’s good luck, getting rained out on your wedding day can be disheartening. With an indoor wedding venue, you don’t have to worry about rain at all. If it thunderstorms on your wedding day, you probably won’t even notice because you’re inside dancing with your new spouse.

Avoid The Heat

If you’re native to Florida, then you know that even though it’s a fabulous destination with palm trees and sandy beaches, it can get very humid and very hot. This can make being outside very difficult to deal with, especially when you are trying to have a fun wedding reception. Instead of people dancing and having a good time, most of your guests might be trying to stay cool. Additionally, if you have thick, curly hair, then even with a myriad of hair products, you could suffer from a bad hair day. And no woman wants to deal with that on her wedding.

Gone With The Wind

Going hand-in-hand with rain and heat, wind can be detrimental to your wedding day. If it’s windy outside and you’re indoors, then you won’t be that affected. However, if you had a beautiful setup and the wind gets a little out of hand, then it can cause more chaos than you might want on your wedding day. From hair blowing into your face to entire tables being torn apart by wind, it’s best to stick inside and avoid the disarray.

Save Your Shoes

Another reason that an indoor wedding is a good idea is that you’ll be able to save your shoes. If you’re having an outdoor reception, then you’ll need to avoid wearing heels, since they could sink into the ground. Heels can very easily get stuck in the mud, sand, or even in cracks in the sidewalk. While you could just wear flats, it’s your wedding day and you should wear what you want to without having to worry about ruining your shoes.

Variety Is Always Beneficial

Lastly, sometimes a little variety is the best way to go with a wedding. Many people decided on outdoor weddings, especially in the summer and the fall. If you’d like to step outside of the box and add a distinctive and fun flair to your wedding, then deciding on an indoor wedding can be the way to go.

Avoid worrying about the weather and ruined clothes when you decide on an indoor wedding venue.

At Royal Palace Ballrooms, we have wedding venues that are beautiful and the perfect place to celebrate matrimony. We have a variety of different packages that offer a wide range of elements you need for your special day. From providing food to the decorations, our event hall has you covered. While an indoor wedding might not have been your first choice, our grandiose building has dazzled guests since 1965. If you’d like to have an indoor wedding at a fabulous venue, then contact us today to learn more.