Summer weddings are just around the corner. If you’ve just accepted a summer wedding invitation, that also means you’ve been sent the happy couple’s wedding registry.

Knowing what gift to bring for the newlyweds depends on many factors, but one thing is true: you should bring a gift to the wedding. You’ve been invited to help them celebrate their day, so you should return that invitation with a gift.

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To Gift Or Not To Gift?

We can all agree that the best etiquette for attending any wedding includes bringing a gift for the newlyweds. But knowing what kind of gift to give is more challenging.

Relationship With The Newlyweds

The first thing to consider is your relationship with the newlyweds: Are you part of the family? Close friends? Part of the bridal party? Coworkers? This will help you determine what kind of gift is proper.

At a minimum, if you can, $50 is a standard amount to spend on a wedding gift. By inviting you to the wedding and providing you food, drinks, and seating, the newlyweds and their families have spent at least $50 a person. Giving a gift worth $50 or more will show your appreciation for that invitation.

Here is a good guide on how much to spend depending on your relationship to the newlyweds:

$50-$75 – Coworker, distant family friend, or distant relative

$75-$100 – Relative or friend

$100-$150 – Close relative or close friend

$150-$200+ – Gift from a couple or a group

Group Gifts Are A Go

Going in on a gift is great for both you and the newlyweds. Registries often contain some items too big for one person to buy, so when you buy with a group, you can get those big-ticket items.

If you’re part of the bridal party, you can also go in on a bigger item to surprise the newlyweds with something really special.

Shop From The Registry

If the newlywed has made a registry, buy from it! Otherwise, you risk buying an item the couple is already getting from their registry or something they don’t need.

The only time to go rogue from the registry is if you are close to the newlyweds and have a custom, sentimental gift or something you’re making yourself.

Adulting Isn’t Boring

The registry might be filled with bed, bath, and kitchen gifts, but those gifts aren’t boring. In fact, wedding gifts give the newlyweds the chance to redo their kitchen and bathroom.

Don’t Be Late

If at all possible, bring the wedding gift to the party. If you are unable to attend the wedding or have a bulky present, ship it to the newlyweds’ home. With two-day shipping and the availability of online shopping, there are fewer and fewer excuses for a wedding gift to arrive late.

Royal Palace Ballrooms

While this list is not exhaustive on wedding gift etiquette, make sure you’re prepared for any weddings you’re going to this summer with these tips.

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