Finding the venue is one of the most important aspects of planning a wedding. But do you feel prepared for touring your wedding venue? 

Read through our list of questions to make sure you get the most out of your scheduled tour — and don’t leave with unanswered questions. 

At Royal Palace Ballrooms in Hialeah, we know weddings. That’s why we offer a beautiful wedding venue that’s perfect for your special day. Contact us today to schedule a tour and get the venue of your dreams booked! 

Come Prepared With Venue Questions

When it comes time to tour a wedding venue, make sure you come prepared with a list of questions to ask during your tour. Otherwise, you might find yourself leaving with more questions than answers, making the entire process more challenging and time-consuming. 

Does the venue have enough seats to fit your entire guest list? 

When you tour a wedding venue, you want to make sure you have a good idea of how many guests you plan on inviting to your wedding. Most venues, like the Royal Palace Ballrooms, have a maximum number of seated and standing guests they can accommodate in each space. Before you book your venue, make sure it’s the right size to accommodate all of your invited guests.  

Is your desired wedding date still available? 

Have you already picked a day you want to get married on? Before you get too far into your tour, make sure the date you want is still available. Otherwise, make sure you inquire about what dates are available to make sure this venue will work for you and your wedding needs. 

Can you hold both the ceremony and wedding in the same space? 

You’ve hopefully thought about how you want your wedding ceremony and reception to go before touring venues. Are you looking for one space where you can do the entire wedding? Or are you just looking for a ceremony or reception location? Make sure you ask questions about that to make sure the venue can accommodate all of your needs. 

What is included in the price of the rental? 

During the tour, you will talk about the wedding budget and the cost of booking the venue. But make sure you know what’s included in that venue price. For example, do you also get chair and table rentals included? What about the dishware and silverware? At some venues, there is an extra cost for additional time or for having a rehearsal dinner earlier in the week. Make sure you’re informed of all of the additional costs that might add on top of the venue costs. 

Are there required vendors that you have to use? 

Some venues have a required list of vendors, including caterers and flower shops, that you must use at their location. Before you book the venue, make sure you understand if there are required vendors you will have to work with, and that those vendors fit your vision for the wedding. 

How is the time at the venue divided? 

Some venues only rent the space for a certain period of time and will only allow your party to go so late. Make sure you ask about when your guests leave, and what portion of your rental time has to be spent on set-up/clean-up versus the actual wedding and festivities. 

Questions to Consider About the Venue 

Depending on your wedding and the type of venue you are touring, here are some other questions you should consider asking: 

  • Do you have a one wedding per day policy? 
  • What is the parking for your guests like? 
  • Who from the venue will be there during the day of your wedding? Is there a wedding coordinator from the venue? Will they be there for the entire event? 
  • How flexible are the different packages and pricing models? 
  • Are you planning any changes (i.e. remodels) to the building before my wedding date? 

Questions to Consider About Your Ceremony 

If you’re choosing to have your wedding ceremony at this venue, make sure you ask these questions: 

  • What room or rooms are licensed for wedding ceremonies? 
  • How do you facilitate the shift between ceremony and reception? 
  • What favors are we allowed to have (i.e. confetti)? 

Questions to Consider about Food and Drink 

If your venue will be the one supplying the food and drink, think about what questions you can ask in regards to that: 

  • Is there a complimentary champagne toast? 
  • Is there a wine and menu tasting that we can attend? How many people can come to that? 
  • What dietary restrictions can you accommodate? 
  • What are the available food and drink choices? 

Questions to Consider About the Reception

If you’re having both your ceremony and reception at the same place, or just the reception, here are some questions you’ll want to ask: 

  • How can I decorate? For example, what am I able to bring in? What things can I move around? 
  • What time do I get access to the venue on my wedding day? 
  • What are we able to hang from the walls/ceilings? 
  • If we’re hanging things, do we need to bring a contractor? 
  • What kind of decor or stationery is provided by you? 

Questions to consider about the Party

If you plan on having dancing and music, you’ll also want to ask questions about what the venue can do, and if there will be any additional costs. Think about questions like: 

  • Where would the band or music be set up? 
  • What kind of sound system is available for us to use? 
  • How much time does the band have to set up? 

We Love Weddings at Royal Palace Ballrooms

When it comes to weddings, it’s important to make sure you find your perfect space for you and your newlywed! 

We hope that this list of questions helps you feel more prepared for touring your next wedding venue. If you haven’t already booked Royal Palace Ballrooms in Hialeah as your venue, make sure you contact us to schedule a tour of our banquet hall.