With summer right around the corner, plenty of brides-to-be are busy planning their summer weddings. Fresh flowers and newlywed pictures in late summer sunsets create a special day for both the wedding couple and their guests.

Summer weddings are perfect for grabbing that outdoor venue, but summer can also mean heat. For the sake of you and your guests, follow our dos and don’ts to help make planning and enjoying your summer wedding easier.

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Keep Your Guests Cool

Your wedding is a special day for you and your partner, but it’s important to make sure that your guests also enjoy your special day. Provide plenty of opportunities for relief from the heat by incorporating small details like handing out ice-cold hand towels or leaving bottled waters to keep everyone cool.

Extra tip: Don’t forget to have water near the dance floor so everyone can hydrate between songs!

Keep Yourself Cool

Before you start the process of shopping for a dress, think about the material and breathability of the fabric. You want to look amazing on your wedding day, so make sure you don’t spend the day sweating in a heavy, stuffy dress.

Think About Your Food

If you and your guests are enjoying the summer heat, make sure you serve refreshing food. Instead of hot soup, opt for some iced summer soups or grilled food with fresh fruit.

Extra tip: If you plan on having a bar, frozen cocktails are another way to keep everyone cool (and unafraid of sharing their great moves on the dance floor).

Work Around The Hottest Part Of The Day

If you want to have an outdoor summer wedding, don’t pick the hottest part of the day to make your guests sit outside. Even moving your wedding to late morning or early evening can keep everyone cool and still give you the perfect lighting for newlywed pictures.

Avoid Metal Chairs

While this might seem like a small logistical element, think about your guests and their butts! Hot metal burns. If you have to opt for metal chairs, think about white chair covers to reduce the heat of the metal.

Use Natural Shade

Provide plenty of shade for your guests, especially if they’re going to be waiting outside while you and your newlywed are taking pictures.

Extra tip: Also think about yourself. Will you be standing in direct sunlight during your ceremony? Create a shaded space for you and your partner so you can enjoy your ceremony.

Think About Your Shoes

If you will be standing on grass for your ceremony, avoid tall, narrow heels that will make you sink into the grass. Instead, opt for flats or thicker heels that will prevent you from slowly sinking in front of your guests.

Avoid Perfume

If you’re going to be spending time outside, especially after the sun starts to set, you want to make sure you’re not attracting unwanted bugs with your perfume.

Royal Palace Ballrooms

Weddings in the summer create an idyllic venue for any newlywed couple—just make sure you plan for the heat and sun in advance!

At Royal Palace Ballrooms in Hialeah, you can find the perfect venue for your wedding, whether you’re looking for an indoor ceremony or reception. Take advantage of our beautiful banquet halls and give your guests a place to cool off after the ceremony.