In Choosing A Theme For Your Celebration, we went over how to choose some themes for your venue and how you can narrow it down. In today’s blog, we’ll be addressing popular themes ideas if you absolutely have no clue what you’d like to do for your special event. At our venue, you can pick from a variety of different themes that we offer. However, it can be difficult to figure out what you truly want for your special day. After all, this is a day that’s all about you or you and your partner if you’re doing a wedding anniversary. While you can be of the party that has absolutely no idea what to do, you can also be stuck with too many ideas.

So we’d like to go over a few popular themes for special events to help you figure out what will look good at the venue and ensure that people have a good time. If you’re trying to figure out what venue you want to have your party at, then check out Royal Palace Ballrooms. The beautiful architecture at our venue is a fantastic choice for any special occasion. Contact us for more details on our venue.

Having Trouble Finding The Best Theme? Consider These Options

Finding the perfect theme can take a lot of research. If you like more classy events, then we have a few suggestions for you. If you’re a fan of specific stories, then we also have a suggestion for that as well. What’s great about each of these themes is how versatile they are. While each of them is currently popular for a variety of special events, it comes down to what you envision for your occasion. At Royal Palace Ballrooms, we can offer you an assortment of themes to choose from, which can help you narrow down your ideas or can provide you with some ideas.

Garden Entry

Garden Entry is one of the many themes that we offer. Garden themes are currently very popular because they not only can be deemed as classy, but they can also be made very unique. Neon Garden themes are very popular because they add a different vibe to the garden theme. Instead of just having flowers and plants decorating the venue, you can add some different coloring to really make it different. Neon is very big right now because of color runs, music events, and raves. While you probably don’t want to have a rave for your 30th birthday, you can incorporate a floral theme with some fun lighting, if that’s what you’d like to go with. You can also subdue the garden theme as well and turn it into an almost tea party or celebrate your love of nature if you are very focused on the environment.

Black And White/Black Tie

Another option for your special event is a Black And White theme or a Black Tie one. Black Tie events can be so much fun because you get to dress up and wear a nice, classy outfit. A Black And White event can be enjoyable because of how everything contrasts each other. Black And White events are traditional ones, so this theme can be used for a wide variety of events. Whether you want to celebrate your 60th birthday party by entering your later years with a classy event or you’d like to encourage your guests to wear sophisticated clothing to your retirement party, both the Black And White or the Black Tie event can be a cause to really go upscale with your event and our venue is the perfect place to do that.

Carnival/Mardi Gras

Are you a fan of bright colors? Do you love having a great time? Mardi Gras or Carnival can be such a great way to celebrate your special night. Mardi Gras is huge in New Orleans and can be celebrated all through the month. Mardi Gras, or Fat Tuesday as it’s known, is at the beginning of Epiphany and is generally celebrated in cities that have a French background. It’s a fun event that also refers to the events of Carnival, which is generally celebrated down in Rio De Janeiro. Both of these holidays are celebrated before the season of Lent. In Rio, Carnival is the largest in the world and in New Orleans, Mardi Gras is considered to be such a treat to see and now you can have this as a theme for your special occasion.


Do you want to travel the world? The best place to start is by having a party that’s centered around different cities. At Royal Palace Ballrooms, you can choose a variety of different themes centered around different cities. Making your party themed around cities can be a great way to incorporate the feeling of traveling without actually doing it. While it can be disappointing to not spend your special event in your preferred city, having a party centered around that city can be just as good.


The last theme on our list is Disney/Fairytales. If you have a favorite fairytale or a Disney princess that you absolutely adore, then choose that for your theme. One of the themes that we offer is Cinderella, which is a favorite for many. While the origin of fairytales is on the darker side, there’s just something fun about bringing your youth back to a 30, 40, or a 50th birthday party. If you’d like to add an even more youthful vibe, then consider Disney princess to ring in another year or to celebrate another special occasion. After all, this occasion is all about you, so you should choose a theme you love.

Do you have a better idea of what type of theme to incorporate for your special event? If not, then we can always help you narrow down this difficult decision. For additional details on Royal Palace Ballrooms, reach out today.