Planning a party is always challenging. That’s where to-do lists come in handy! Follow this list and look like a pro when it comes to your next event.

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Party Planning 101

When it comes to planning a party, even the smallest details are important. Follow this checklist to make sure you don’t forget anything!

1. Make a list of people to invite.

Once you have an approximate headcount for your event, you know the size venue you need. We recommend finalizing this list early on so you won’t have to worry about space and food quantities.

2. Find a location and think about your theme.

Find a venue that is big enough for the number of people you’re inviting and has a room available on the day you need. It’s also a good time to pick your theme. This can inform what kind of space you’ll need, like if you’re looking for a space to project a presentation or will to set up vendors or a dance floor.

3. Pick a date.

Find a date that works for you and the people who need to attend the event. Now that you have the venue, you can pick from their available dates.

4. Send out the invitations.

Once you have the location, confirm the time and place with all of your guests.

5. Plan out your menu.

What food will you serve? Are there any allergies you need to watch for? Make sure you have plenty of time to pick the caterer and plan out food preferences.

6. Make a list of things you need to buy.

Are you making centerpieces? What equipment are you responsible for buying? Make a list so you’re prepared when the event gets closer.

7. Plan how the event will be set up.

This can include the seating chart, how the tables will be set, and where vendors or other areas will be placed. This way you won’t waste time on the day of your event moving things around.

8. Plan the music and lighting.

Will there be a DJ? Are you showing a slideshow or presentation? Make sure you know the schedule and have the equipment or DJ reserved for the event.

9. Go shopping and get everything together.

Now that the event is getting closer, go buy any non-perishable items you can. Also make sure you have cleaning supplies to bring with you the day of the event.

10. Plan for during the party.

As any seasoned party planner knows, your job doesn’t stop once the party starts. Make a list of the things you will be responsible for during the party, including storing coats, replenishing food and dishware, and cleaning up any spills or messes.

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