Picking the right theme for your special celebration can be one of the most difficult decisions while you’re planning. With so many options out there, it can be hard to choose what’s the best option for your event. Should you go with an underwater theme or a casino one? Is Disney Princess up your alley or do you want to choose Arabian Nights because of the colors? Whatever you do decide, you can expect it to look beautiful when you have your special event at our venue. When you choose Royal Palace Ballrooms, you can expect to have a special event that goes above and beyond your expectations, especially with the themes we provide. We have a variety of themes that are superb and will make your birthday party, retirement party, quinceanera, or other special celebrations one-of-a-kind. If you’d like to have your special event at our venue, then let’s set up an appointment to discuss what we can do for you.

How To Choose Your Theme

So how do you make that difficult decision of what theme to include at your special event? What factors should you consider, and most importantly, what are your options for a theme when you choose Royal Palace Ballrooms? We supplied a few tips and tricks to consider when you’re making this difficult decision. While you may have a few ideas, we’re going to help you narrow them down, so your party can be a once-in-a-lifetime event. Whether this is your retirement party or your Dirty Thirty, choosing a theme can make the party. Below are some factors to consider while planning your party.

Talk To The Event Venue Coordinator

The first thing you’ll want to do is talk to the event venue coordinator. Some event venues — like Royal Palace Ballrooms — have a myriad of options when it comes to the themes and the packages that we offer. When you decide on us for your special event, we’ll sit down and figure out what you’re envisioning and how we can make it come to fruition. We’ll create a two-way street of communication with you to make sure that your expectations come to pass, and more importantly, are bypassed.

By talking to the event venue, you’ll also learn how the theme will be incorporated. For example, we’ll incorporate the theme that you want through the entire event. From the decor to the floral arrangements, we’ll make sure that the theme is to your specifications and expectations. Talking to the event venue coordinator, you can also have all of your questions answered as well, so everything is addressed before your special day.

What Are Your Favorite Things?

If you’re trying to decide between a few favorite themes, ask yourself what are your favorite things. What makes you smile or bring that warm, comfortable feeling to your stomach? What makes you excited? If there’s a specific theme that particularly makes you smile, then that’s the one you should go with. If you love gambling, then a Casino Night is just what you need. If you love having a great time and dancing, then Mardi Gras is always a great choice. If you’ve always loved Disney Princesses, then choose one of them to model your night after. This is your night to have a good time, so go with the theme that really makes you excited and joyous.

Consider The Details

While we know you want to go above and beyond, sometimes it comes down to figuring out the details to really solidify your decision. For example, if you really love red and you’d like the entire night to be model after different tones of red, then it comes down to the details. How do you incorporate red into everything without making people’s eyes hurt or making the food look grotesque? The details of your theme is what makes a broad topic much more specific. As you get into each of the themes, consider what the details will look like. You probably have a lot of themes you want to go with, but if the details seem too difficult or can even ruin the event, then choose a more versatile option. Instead of going with a red-themed night, decide on something a little easier such as Arabian Nights, which can add a fun vibe to the night without needing too many details.

Be Realistic, But Still Have Fun

Lastly, while we know you want to go above and beyond to make your event special, try to real it in a bit and be realistic. Consider your budget, the people you’re inviting, and especially the details. While you may want to give everyone a beautiful gift bag that’s personalized to them, that might not be the most realistic option. Remember that this is your birthday party, retirement party, or wedding anniversary and you’ll want to have fun, but you should still be realistic about the event. Keep things simple, allow us to deal with the details.

Themes For Your Special Event

What themes does Royal Palace Ballrooms offer? Some of what we can provide for your special event are as follows:

  • Arabian Nights
  • Mardi Gras
  • Garden Entry
  • Cinderella
  • Las Vegas
  • And More!

Are you ready for your special event? Keep in mind that our artistically built venue offers everything you can imagine when it comes to your special day. If you’re getting married at our venue or having a birthday party, we’ll provide hours of entertainment, decor, food, floral arrangements and more. By choosing Royal Palace Ballrooms, you can expect to work with a venue that wants to make sure that your special event is the occasion of the season. If you’d like to book an event at our venue, contact us today.