Our All-Inclusive Packages are intended to make your life a little less complicated as you plan your special event. You probably don’t want to worry about everything from what you want to wear to the area where the cocktail hour will be held. Instead of concentrating on every last detail, allow us to take over planning while you focus on your special event. At Royal Palace Ballrooms, the packages we offer cover everything from delicious food to the entertainment. Instead of you having to worry about the event venue as well as the food, entertainment, and the photographer, all you need to think about is looking forward to your big day. Our experienced staff and our packages will have the rest covered when you come to our event venue.

About Our All-Inclusive Packages

We offer four All-Inclusive Packages you can enjoy taking advantage of when you come to our event venue. Each of these four packages will offer you a little something different. If you’re having a Quinceañera, then take advantage of our Quinceañera package. Regardless of the event you are planning, we have an All-Inclusive Package for exactly what you’re looking for. From your 50th anniversary to your child’s graduation, our packages will cover every last detail.

Magnifique Package

The first package we offer is the Magnifique Package. This package includes four hours of time in our event venue. It also includes a DJ, open bar, decor, and delicious food. The Magnifique Package is a good choice for small to medium get-together. If you want to do a larger event, you can also use this package, but this is a great package for intimate gatherings. It’s also a great choice for anniversaries, Bar or Bat Mitzvahs, graduation parties, and birthday celebrations.

Quinceañera Majestic Package

The Quinceañera Majestic Package is for Quinceañeras specifically, however, if you want to use this package for another type of birthday party, then feel free to do so. This package includes music with a DJ, uplighting decor, a delicious dinner, and stages of your choice. You can also choose photography. The stage of choice varies from Mardi Gras to Cinderella. If your daughter wants a beautiful dinner with a theme, then this is the perfect choice for her.

Classical Package

The Classical Package is a traditional choice due to everything you can take advantage of with this option. This package is similar to the Magnifique one, however, it offers a little more in the way of dining, decoration, and even includes floral arrangements. If you have a larger get-together where you want a whole course dinner, cake, as well as a dressing room and a projector screen, then the Classical Package is a beneficial choice. This package is good for larger birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, corporate events, and private wedding ceremonies.

Wedding Majestic Package

Lastly, this package is dedicated to weddings specifically. If you’re looking to get married in a beautiful piece of architecture, then the Wedding Majestic Package is the perfect choice. With this package, you can expect floral arrangements for everyone involved in the wedding as well as the arrangements for the table. This All-Inclusive Package will come with linen, you’ll have access to a dressing room, and a tasty dinner will be planned.

If you’re interested in coming to visit our event venue or you want to learn more about these All-Inclusive Packages, then contact us.