From sweet sixteen parties to 50 year wedding anniversaries, when you take the time to rent our halls, you’ll be amazed at how special your day turns out to be. If you’re looking for a venue that has a perennial atmosphere and an enchanting style, then our venue is perfect for your event. Unlike going with a more modern look, our halls for rent speaks for itself with the enticing picturesque architecture. Royal Palace Ballrooms is not just a wedding or a party venue, but a hall for rent that’ll give you memories of your special day for years to come. Think about how years from now you’ll look back on your wedding and be happy with how the day turned out not only because the wedding venue was perfect, but because you were able to enjoy your very special day without any nuisances. Consider celebrating your special 16th, 30, or 50th birthday in such a party venue that you’ll always have those untouchable memories. Regardless of the event you’re looking to throw, you’ll have an extraordinary time. By having your special event in our hall for rent, you’re able to get the most out of your event with the people you love.

Each of our halls for rent at Royal Palace Ballrooms has a unique, timeless architecture. In contrast to many party and wedding venues these days, we’ve been around for over 50 years so we have a certain edge on other halls for rent in the Hialeah, FL, area. With our grand architecture, classic craftsmanship, and magnificent atmosphere in each room, your special event will feel even more memorable because of the little details that have been put into it. With your detail oriented planning and our artistic eye, you’ll be able to transform your dreams into reality. One of the ways you’re able to do this is by incorporating one of these many hall for rent packages toward your night of indelible memories. From intimate gatherings to weddings, you’ll remember your celebration for the rest of your life when you choose Royal Palace Ballrooms.

We offer four different packages you can choose from. The packages you can pick from are the Magnifique, Classical, Quinceañera Majestic, and the Wedding Majestic package. Each of these four packages lines up with a different special event you may be throwing. For instance, the Wedding Majestic package is geared more toward a wedding in contrast with the Quinceañera Majestic, which is for sweet sixteen parties. The first package, which is the Magnifique package includes food, entertainment, and four hours of an event and an open bar. The Magnifique package is more geared for any type of an event from wedding anniversaries to retirement parties. The second package is the Classical package, which is similar to the Magnifique package. The Classical package in contrast to the Magnifique one has linen options, a cider toast, floral arrangements, photography and video, and a splash of more decor. The third package is the Quinceañera Majestic, which is for Quinceañera specifically. Lastly, the fourth package is the Wedding Majestic, which is specifically for weddings. With flower arrangements, dinner, linens, and the availability of a dressing room, the fourth package will give you the wedding of your dreams.

Learn more about our package options below or you can contact us for information.