Finding the perfect place to have your wedding can be very difficult, especially when you have so many options. There are so many great choices around the Hialeah area; however, there’s none so great as our wedding venue. Our wedding reception venue is perfect for your special day and even celebrating your anniversary party years and years later. In our blog, we’ll go over why our wedding venue is the right choice for your special day and how you can have the perfect day with some essential tips. For more information about weddings and booking our wedding hall for your special day, contact us.

  1. Questions to Ask When You Tour a Wedding Venue

    Finding the venue is one of the most important aspects of planning a wedding. But do you feel prepared for touring your wedding venue?  Read through our list of questions to make sure you get the most out of your scheduled tour — and don’t leave with unanswered questions.  At Royal Palace Ballrooms in Hialeah, we know weddings. That’s why we offer a beautiful wedding venue that’s perfect…Read More

  2. Wedding Gift Etiquette

    Summer weddings are just around the corner. If you’ve just accepted a summer wedding invitation, that also means you’ve been sent the happy couple’s wedding registry. Knowing what gift to bring for the newlyweds depends on many factors, but one thing is true: you should bring a gift to the wedding. You’ve been invited to help them celebrate their day, so you should return that invitation w…Read More

  3. Dos and Don’ts for planning summer weddings

    With summer right around the corner, plenty of brides-to-be are busy planning their summer weddings. Fresh flowers and newlywed pictures in late summer sunsets create a special day for both the wedding couple and their guests. Summer weddings are perfect for grabbing that outdoor venue, but summer can also mean heat. For the sake of you and your guests, follow our dos and don’ts to help make pla…Read More

  4. The Emergency Kit Every Bride Needs for the Wedding and Wedding Reception

    We know that you don’t want anything to go wrong on your special day. To keep that from happening, we have a list of essential supplies to have for the wedding and wedding reception. Just follow our checklist to make your own emergency kit so you’ll be prepared for anything that could happen on your wedding day! See our gallery of past weddings at Royal Palace Ballrooms in Hialeah.       Se…Read More

  5. Weddings Hialeah: Popular Wedding Traditions Explained

    Whether your significant other asked you to marry them on a whim with a string of twine or spent years saving up for the perfect ring and planning the perfect proposal, the moment you get engaged is one of the most magical moments of your life. After you say “yes” it’s so exciting to finally start planning the wedding of your dreams — choosing your bridal party, finding the perfect Hialeah…Read More

  6. Bridal Wear: How Wedding Dresses Have Changed Since The 1950s

    So much thought goes into what dress to wear on your wedding day. Since you were a little girl, you played dress up in costume dresses, stumbling around in your mom’s oversized high heels — dreaming of what you will one day look like when you marry your prince. You may have laughed at your grandmother’s plain high-neck dress with sleeves that puffed out at the elbow and your mom’s tight-fi…Read More

  7. Why Choosing Indoors For Your Wedding Reception Is Beneficial

    When you hear that question, ‘will you marry me?’ The only thing on your mind is probably the future that you and your special someone are going to have together. Maybe the brief flash of chubby-cherub babies and the perfect house flashes through your mind’s eye. It’s not until you begin to plan the wedding, that some hiccups occur. Remember that even though it’s the most special day of …Read More

  8. Tips To Have A Fun Wedding

    Weddings are fun. There’s delicious food, beverages that’ll keep you going through the night, and dancing to some old tunes you haven’t heard in years. However, if you and your friends are getting married around the same time, then it can be hard to make your wedding stand out in comparison to others. Every wedding has the quintessential elements, but if you want your celebration to be more …Read More

  9. How To Start Planning A Wedding

    You’re vacationing in the Dominican Republic when the love of your life proposes while you’re laying out on the beach under the stars. You feel ecstatic! You couldn’t ask for a more perfect proposal. Here’s another scenario: You’re on a hike when your boyfriend of four years asks you to marry him in front of all of your friends with a beautiful view in the background. Whatever the propos…Read More