1. 5 Common Wedding Myths

    When you’re planning a wedding, there are a lot of different myths that we hear over and over again. So today, we’re going to debunk five of those myths.  If you’re still searching for that perfect, all-inclusive wedding venue, have you considered Royal Palace Ballrooms in Hialeah? We have two gorgeous ballrooms, a cocktail area, and a selection of packages that will help you plan the perfe…Read More

  2. 5 Tips To Reduce Stress While Planning Your Wedding Reception

    Congratulations! The love of your life has finally asked you to marry them and now you can begin planning the wedding you have always dreamed of. Whether you have dreamt of a small and intimate wedding reception, or a large and extravagant one, the amount of time and energy that is needed for wedding reception planning is immense — which can cause a lot of added stress and and anxiety. During th…Read More

  3. Wedding Hospitality Etiquette

    One of the best things of a wedding is joining the friends and family from both bride and groom together. All of our loved ones in the same place celebrating a good cause - now that’s happiness. The support and celebration from these people will be remembered by the happy couple for the rest of their lives. Sure, your wedding day means you get to be at the center of attention, but it doesn’t m…Read More

  4. Wedding Reception Planning and Logistics

    Weddings are a beautiful day and a great celebration. For most people, a wedding is the largest party you will ever throw which means ample time for planning is necessary. To make your big day go as flawlessly as possible, plan out everything. And we mean everything. We here at Royal Palace Ballrooms in Hialeah and Pembroke Pines will do everything we can to make your planning as easy as possible.…Read More

  5. 8 Tips For Your Perfect Wedding Reception: Part 2

    Read up on the first 4 tips for a perfect wedding reception here. Searching through wedding reception venues can be daunting, so we here at Royal Palace ballrooms are happy to help make the celebration checklist quick and easy. No matter where you elect to have your reception, it’s essential to include these elements.   Food & Drink When it comes to the typical wedding, folks genera…Read More

  6. This Is Your Dream Wedding Reception Venue

    Congratulations! You and your sweetheart are finally engaged to be wed, and the fun begins! There are a lot of things to think about when planning a wedding. The most important part (other than your significant other, of course) has to be the wedding venue. Sure, the dress and tux are important because you don’t want to be showing up in your birthday suits. I guess the food should be up in the h…Read More

  7. Planning Your Reception Timeline – Part 2

    [This is part 2 in a series. To read part 1, click here] Continuing on in the reception timeline... After dinner, it's time to party! {  02:45  |  Dancing & Tossing  } The bride and groom are usually the first on the dance floor, letting everyone know it's time to get down. At some point during the fun, a garter and flowers will be flying... {  04:00  |  Cut the Cake  } About the time…Read More

  8. Planning Your Reception Timeline – Part 1

    The countdown is on! You're getting ready for one of the biggest days of your life... your wedding! You've set the date. You have the ring and the dress. And now you have to plan the CELEBRATION after the ceremony. First, of course, you'll want to select the perfect wedding reception venue. In the Hialeah, Florida area, you can book your wedding or wedding reception at one of the Royal Palace B…Read More