The days of planning a wedding and reception has gone from a simple ceremony with family and friends to an extravagant celebration full of minute details that make this one of the best days of many, many peoples’ lives. Aside from the wedding venue selection in Pembroke Pines, one of the first things planned is the decor. What will the theme be for the wedding? Venue? The trend today is selecting a color or two to repeat throughout the day. The continuity of a theme brings the entire celebration together beautifully.


Ensure the size of your venue is appropriate for the number of guests. Too little space means everyone is squished into tight quarters. All those bodies mean a higher temperature and everyone is less comfortable. Too much space makes everyone feel separated and distant from the activities. The Royal Palace Ballrooms have luxurious rooms to accommodate both small and large parties.



While you don’t want warehouse lights shining down on your shindig, lighting is essential for the ceremony and reception. Good photos require good light; however, too bright can feel like a convention rather than a party. If you prefer a darker room in general, centerpieces that include tea lights or rope light along the room’s perimeter or head table are great light additions.



The additional decorations are where the wedding theme truly comes into play. It can be table confetti, streamers, napkins or flowers of your wedding colors. The combination of many elements in the same theme show your personalities throughout the whole venue and celebration.