In our capitalistic society, everything costs money. That’s the cold, hard truth. However, there are some things worth spending money for, like your wedding! Every part of your wedding costs money, which is why it is so important to have a budget so as to not spend more than you wish. Royal Palace Ballrooms strives to give you wedding reception venues for an affordable price in Pembroke Pines and Hialeah, FL.

Budget Organization

The easiest way to start a budget is to first list everything in your dream wedding. Forget the price tag and just dream. Then, once you’ve gotten a good list of all of your ideal celebration details, categorize them into Must Have, Would Be Nice To Have, and Not Necessary. This makes it easy to make cuts when you must. Once you have a list of all things you’d like to have at your big day, create two columns next to each category, one for estimated spending and one for actually spent. This way, as you go through the planning, you can easily track where you have saved money and where you can splurge. It’ll be worth the organization in the end!

Negotiate Contract Prices

Start from finding deals from the beginning. Sign up for wedding newsletters which are typically littered with savings. Vendors are usually willing to give a discount to people who are interested in their company. Plus, you’ll learn a tip or two to make your day even better. Then, when you meet with the vendors (especially with catering) you can negotiate for children’s prices. Many vendors are known to cut prices for children’s costs.