Walking down the aisle to your beloved spouse-to-be and sharing your vows probably takes up most of your daydreaming. However, when you’re not day dreaming, you’re probably looking through many wedding reception venues to find the perfect space. No matter the venue selection (although we highly recommend Royal Palace Ballrooms), there are 8 key elements to a reception that make it the celebration of your dreams.


The way your venue is decorated is your guests’ first impression of the event. Do a walkthrough of your venue to ensure the size is comfortable; you’ll get an idea of where you can accent your decorations best. Lighting is one thing to be sure is on key. Whether you’d like to accentuate your head table with rope light or add some tea lights to each centerpiece, lights are an easy addition for an incredible look. Read some more!

Planning & Logistics

Tackle those biggest tasks first. Get them out of the way. Furthermore, organization is imperative. This is a huge celebration where the small tasks cannot be overlooked. Get a list of everything you want to have at your wedding, reception and honeymoon and start checkin’ things off.


With all of the great DIY blogs out there today, it’s easy to be stylish without exceeding your budget. Find that magic number of what you’re willing to spend and don’t budge! One great way to save money is to stay in the same place for both your wedding and reception. Royal Palace Ballrooms offers ballrooms for large reception celebrations and private wedding ceremonies.


While we know this day is all about the happy couple, it’s important that your guests know that you’re happy to have them celebrating with you. Whether it’s a goody bag for the young ones or taking the time to personally say hello to every guest, showing your gratitude is essential.

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