Weddings are a beautiful day and a great celebration. For most people, a wedding is the largest party you will ever throw which means ample time for planning is necessary. To make your big day go as flawlessly as possible, plan out everything. And we mean everything. We here at Royal Palace Ballrooms in Hialeah and Pembroke Pines will do everything we can to make your planning as easy as possible.


Set The Time

Choosing a time for your wedding ceremony and reception are the foundation of the entire day. For an evening or late afternoon wedding, it is best to start from the sunset. Guests should be walking into the reception as the sun is setting. This is a great time for the best natural light in photos as well. Work your way backward for the start time. Give yourself an hour for cocktails while you are taking photos and an hour for the ceremony. Wah lah – you have your start time!


Guest List

Aside from marrying the love of your life, your wedding is a great time to celebrate a milestone with friends and family. The guest list drives many of the other planning decisions. Royal Palace Ballrooms can hold large parties, so don’t hold back on the list. However, it can get very expensive to feed many people, so carefully select your guests if you have a tight budget.


Be Careful With Requesting Help

If you’re a nit-picker for the details, be cautious allowing friends and family helping with DIY projects. When your sister volunteers to write your invitations in calligraphy, ask for a sample before committing blindly to her third-grade level cursive. You don’t want more work than necessary.
Altogether, the planning process is one of the biggest in the entire celebration. Take special effort to be organized and stick with what you want. In the mean time, like we said before, we’d be happy to host your wedding reception at our Royal Palace venue here in Hialeah.