One of the best things of a wedding is joining the friends and family from both bride and groom together. All of our loved ones in the same place celebrating a good cause – now that’s happiness. The support and celebration from these people will be remembered by the happy couple for the rest of their lives. Sure, your wedding day means you get to be at the center of attention, but it doesn’t mean you have to be selfish. Remember to play good hosts for your guests that help make your day more meaningful.

Make Your Rounds

Take your time to say hello and thank you to all your guests that attend. Sure, you can have a receiving line when you enter and exit your wedding reception at Royal Palace Ballrooms, but an intimate conversation and genuine “thank you” go a long way.


Bathroom Baskets

Add a clever poem (a quick search through Pinterest is sure to spark some ideas) and bathroom essentials to make sure your guests stay fresh through the whole party. Men’s baskets can include Tide-To-Go, cologne, combs, toothpicks, mints or gum, Advil, condoms, and a needle with black and white thread.. just to name a few! Women’s baskets can include all things in the men’s basket with the addition of tampons or pads, body spray instead of cologne, bobby pins, safety pins, hairspray and makeup essentials. Your guests will appreciate the tools to combat any unforeseen emergencies!


Party Favors

A small give-away is a nice gesture to thank your guests again for coming to celebrate your wedding with you in Hialeah. Our favorites that have come through our wedding venue doors are a bag of Hershey’s hugs and kisses with a nice note, coozies, mints, jam, or small plants. Again, a quick search through Pinterest and you’ll have more ideas than you’d hoped!

These few things are small in comparison, but go a long way for hospitality and etiquette from the hosts to the guests. Are you ready to celebrate your wedding reception at the Royal Palace venue in Hialeah? Contact us today!