Congratulations! You and your sweetheart are finally engaged to be wed, and the fun begins! There are a lot of things to think about when planning a wedding. The most important part (other than your significant other, of course) has to be the wedding venue. Sure, the dress and tux are important because you don’t want to be showing up in your birthday suits. I guess the food should be up in the high ranks too because you don’t want grumpy guests. Most of all, however, you must have a fantastic wedding reception venue or there simply won’t be a wedding at all.

The wedding venue is the setting for your big day. This is no fictional story, but it can sure be a fairy tale. Close your eyes (or don’t since you’re reading… just let your imagination take you away) and picture yourself in your dream wedding. As you’re driving through Hialeah or Pembroke, FL anxiously awaiting the arrival at your venue, your mind starts to wander to the future ahead. Maybe there is a honeymoon on the horizon, or maybe you’re just going home to continue on life after your wedding like it’s no big deal. Except it is a big deal. Just then you pull into the parking lot of Royal Palace Ballrooms and see the Roman-styled pillars and architecture. You step out of your car looking your best and head for the large wooden doors that are awaiting your entrance.

Into the venue you go. All of a sudden you’re standing in front of your fiance who is minutes away from being your spouse and you are struck by the beautiful floral arrangements and the smiling faces of your family and friends. The craftsmanship of the wedding venue strikes awe upon you and you almost forget to say I Do. Good thing you check back into reality and finally wed the love of your life. Now the party can begin!

After the most beautiful photographs are snapped to capture the elegance of the day, you head into the reception hall. The exquisite ballroom spaciously holds all of your friends and family with enough room to dance. Peak over to the side of the venue to see a scene from Paris setting the mood for the dessert table.

Take your spouse’s hand and parade into the reception venue to be welcomed by your loved ones anxious to celebrate the day’s festivities. Start off your night right with the band singing your favorite song as you sway and move to the beat. Make your way to your head table where you can sit in gracious awe of your beautiful reception. The streamers are elegantly hung above the door; flowers are arranged neatly in the centers of the table, and the best man and matron of honor begin to make their speeches. Top the night off with a champagne toast and dance moves so smooth you’ll have your guests thinking you rehearsed during your entire engagement.

Snap out of this dream and call Royal Palace Ballrooms (305-557-2050) to start making this a reality!