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Continuing on in the reception timeline… After dinner, it’s time to party!

{  02:45  |  Dancing & Tossing  }

The bride and groom are usually the first on the dance floor, letting everyone know it’s time to get down. At some point during the fun, a garter and flowers will be flying…

{  04:00  |  Cut the Cake  }

About the time Uncle Joe is getting a little too crazy on the dance floor, it’s time for coffee, dessert and cutting the cake. Just don’t do it too soon, since it can signal to guests that festivities are winding down.

{  04:15  |  Rock Some More  }

After the cake, the band will start jammin’ again, for just a little while longer. Don’t blink, the party’s almost over.

{  04:45  |  The Last Dance  }

Your guests will remember your final song or two, so make ’em count, and cherish the last dance of the day.

{  05:00  |  Time to Say Goodbye  }

The tears will be flowing by now, as the happy couple is about to say farewell to their guests and head off into the sunset. Everyone will be ready and waiting as the newlyweds make their grand exit. Guests will be throwing rice, confetti or rose petals. Kids may be blowing bubbles or shaking sparklers, and everyone will be cheering as the celebration comes to a close and the honeymoon begins! Hopefully, the getaway car won’t have too many things hanging off as you make your escape!

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