You’ve just gotten an invitation in the mail for your second cousin’s wedding reception at the Royal Palace Ballrooms. It’s been years since you’ve seen your extended family, and you’re not quite sure whether you’re ready to show off your slick living room dance moves in front of everyone. But you also don’t want to stand in the corner while everyone else dances their hearts out.

Ballrooms can seem intimidating. Instead of waiting around for your family to learn the dance moves you’ve invented, get out your boombox, lace up your dancing shoes and grab a friend; it’s time for you to learn the Waltz.

First things first, this is the time you want to be inside the box. The Waltz steps fit within an imaginary square. Picturing this will help with the memorization of steps and therefore dance flow.

Partnering Up

  • Lead, grab your follower’s right hand with your left, and hold it at follower’s shoulder height.
  • Lead, put your right hand under your follower’s left shoulder blade. Follower, your fingertips should be at your lead’s right shoulder jacket seam.
  • Both partners should align elbows with shoulders.
  • Stand straight, but keep your knees bent. This is a formal dance after all.


Lead’s Steps

  • Start with your feet together and then take one step forward with your left.
  • Step diagonally (across the box) with your right foot to get your feet shoulder width apart
  • Swiftly move your left foot to meet your right (sliding along the top edge of the box)
  • Take one step backward with your right foot
  • Step backward diagonally (back across the box) with your left foot
  • Meet your right foot to your left foot and you’re back where you started.
  • Repeat!


Follower’s Steps

  • This seems pretty simple; reverse the steps for a quick follower’s guide.
  • Be free flowing as you’ll want to follow any extra your lead may throw at you, such as spins.

Now map out those directions to Pembroke Pines and get ready to show the people in the Royal Palace Ballrooms what you’re all about. Get movin’ because you’re ready to dance your night away!