One of the best parts of a birthday is what’s going to be served for dessert. While you want all of the food to be delicious, it’s always a joy to have a dessert that’s out of this world. Even though we offer a cake with each of the packages you can take advantage of at our venue, it’s always fun to enjoy other dessert options as well. From birthday parties to weddings, Royal Palace Ballrooms can offer you a venue that will make your party superb. If you’d like to have your birthday party or another special event at our venue, then contact us today.

Desserts For Any Birthday Party

If you’re preparing for your birthday, then one of the things on your mind is the dessert. Even if you’re a rigorously healthy eater, your birthday is a time to let loose a little and indulge your sweet tooth. No matter what age you’re turning, these desserts are just what you need for your birthday. Whether you have a big or a small sweet tooth, you’ll enjoy each of these desserts and you’ll want to consume every bite.


At Royal Palace Ballrooms, we offer a delicious cake for dessert. Our cakes are buttercream vanilla rum, fondant cakes with ice-cream, as well as fondant vanilla rum. However, cakes come in a variety of different sizes, shapes, and tastes. You can’t go wrong with any cake on a birthday since it’s the more traditional option for a party. Cakes are the perfect way to blow out candles and will feed everyone who is at your birthday party. Birthday cake has become a popular option because you can have so many different types out there to choose from. There’s chocolate, strawberries and cream, vanilla, coffee, lemon and so many more! There’s a type of cake for everyone!


When we mention cookies, your first thought may not be birthday party material. After all, a cookie is just a small baked good that can’t possibly hit the spot. Well, stop that thought process as we discuss the cookie cake and the deep dish skillet cookie. While it’s smaller than a cake, a cookie cake will allow you to get all of the best bits of a cake and a cookie. This larger than life cookie has enough frosting to satisfy any sweet tooth — and let’s not forget the chocolate chips. On the other hand, we also have deep dish skillet cookies, which sound pretty much as good as it gets. These deep dish skillet cookies come in a variety of different types and you can eat it hot, which is the best way to eat a cookie.


If you adore cakes, but want to keep the mess to a minimum, then cupcakes are the best way to go. Cupcakes are essentially mini-cakes. They are easier to eat and you can ‘dress’ them up with tasty treats or down with minimal amounts of sugar. What sets cupcakes apart from cake are a few factors. First, they are easier to eat because they are smaller, you can add more aspects of fruit on top of each cupcake as well, and you’re also able to add more versatility. If you’d love chocolate and vanilla, then you can do half and half for cupcakes.


Our last option is ice-cream, which is something that can be enjoyed by everyone. Between more regular flavors such as chocolate and vanilla to more fun flavors such as raspberry black chocolate chip and cookie dough, it’s a versatile option. Obviously, living in Florida is hot. This means that having a deliciously cool treat is the best option, especially in the summer and to relax after dancing to some fun tunes. While we don’t recommend leaving it out during your birthday party, ice-cream is a great option to pair with any dessert. If you’d like to add ice-cream to your cake, then that’s always an option, especially to balance out the sweetness.

We don’t just do food at our venue. You can also expect beautiful decor, floral arrangements, and all of the linens supplied. Our packages go above and beyond to make sure that your special event is everything that you want. If you’d like Royal Palace Ballrooms to be the location for your occasion, then reach out today and we’ll get started on the planning.